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Arab Iron & Steel Corporation - AISCO

MS Billets

MS billets are manufactured through continuous casting billet machine (CCBM) at our manufacturing facilities at Aden Free Zone. The Billets manufactured fully conform to 3SP/PS and are suitable for manufacturing high quality TMT Steel Bars.

1) Size: 100mm square

2) Length: 6 Meters ( max)

3) Specifications: 3SP/PS and 5 SP/PS. We can also produce other Chemistries suiting to customers requirements.

4) Excellent Surface Finish.

5) Proper Dimensional Tolerance.

6) No Internal Defects.

7) Excellent Corrosion Resistant property.


TMT Steel Re-bars

The AISCO’s high quality reinforcement bars are produced at most advanced fully automatic, high speed rolling mill through “Quenching & Tempering Process” developed in India. The re-bars produced are far better than the traditionally produced re-bars in Yemen.

1) Sizes: 10mm to 20mm

2) Specifications: ASTM A615 Grade 40 and Grade 60, BS 4449 Grade 460B

3) Process: Hot rolled or Thermo-mechanically treated on line Quench and Temper

4) Length: 12 meters in straight lengths or Once fold as per customers requirements

Bundle weight: 2 Mt on theoretical weight basis.

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